We are sad to report that one of our own has been impacted by the fires, and has lost his home and workshop. QMAC is raising funds to have a basic structure put up on his property to allow him to return to the blacksmithing work he loves at the earliest possible time.

Please donate to:

BSB 633000

ACC 164762379



The lengths we have to go to in order to get our coke to a suitable size to forge....

The lengths we have to go to in order to get our coke to a suitable size to forge....

QMAC's Charter is to support and encourage all metal artisans in the pursuit of improving their skills, providing training and mentorship to ensure that these rapidly disappearing skills are retained for the next generation.

As we do not profit from sharing our skills, fund raising is a constant challenge.

QMAC needs the funds to complete our workshop at our new home - Cooneana Heritage Centre in Redbank Plains, Queensland.

Any donations, no matter how small will give us the opportunity to house our tools and equipment, and provide more learning opportunities to our members.

We will also gladly accept any relevant equipment donated to the club. If you would like your old blacksmithing tools or equipment to come to a good home, please drop us a line on the Contact page.


QMAC 2019 Raffle Winners

First Prize: A stunning rapier made by Brad White - Ken Armstrong

Second Prize: A beautiful collaborative chef knife made by QMAC members - Bob Maskiel

Third Prize - A lovely dagger made by well known swordsmith and knifemaker Paul Florence - Coreen Auld.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who bought a raffle ticket for their support of our club.